Your Full Guide To Picking out the Ideal Pupil Accommodation

Here are our top things to consider when scouting for the perfect student accommodation for you.

Consider The Distance/Commute

Student accommodation located close to your chosen campus is very important. The closer the more convenient it is for you to get to and from lectures with ease. You might just find out last minute that university is closed due to student protesting, in a instance like this, proximity matters.

Choose Recommended Accommodation By Your Fellow Peers Or Previous Graduates

Check with your University or College whether they have onsite or off-campus accommodation. This is one way to be sure that you will be getting great recommendations.

Check Whether The Location Is Safe And Secure

Safety and security as a student is of vital importance. There may be times where you would need to have classes until late and then travel home so consider the location and the security of the place you are considering.

Check That There Is Internet Connectivity Or WIFI

You will be busy with plenty of assignments and homework tasks during your time at college or university.

Weigh Up What You Get for Money

Look for accommodation which is fully kitted out with all of the conveniences of home. The last thing you want is to struggle buying extra furniture after already paying a huge monthly fee.

Make Sure campus residence The Place Is Clean And Comfortable

Being in a clean and comfortable environment makes studying more productive and spending time at the digs more home-like. Find out how often your place will be cleaned and what the options are regarding that.

Also, when looking at the accommodation for the first time, note the cleanliness and the state that the place is in and ask yourself, do you see yourself staying here, before signing on the dotted line.

Keeping this checklist in mind when choosing your student accommodation will add a lot of value to your time as a student and will keep you safe, comfortable and equip for you for a wonderful journey through college.

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